Hier alles over veganisme tijdens een zwangerschap of zaken rondom het ouderschap en kinderen.

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Bericht door pvoid »

Hello Vegan/Veg parents.

My little girl is 8.5 months and raised to be vegan.
i am abit worried about the B12 supplements and Omegas.

Does anyone have experience with vegan voeding and those supplements? i read different sources about Flax seeds and some say its allowed to babies, some say only for kids above 5 years:shock:
as for B12 supplements i could not find much.

Are there known nutritionist that support veganism/vegetarian voeding for babies that i can contact for help?

Any advice/tips/ and daily menus for voeding at this age will be gladly appreciated :)

(I read and speak Dutch also, just easier for me in English)
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Re: Babiesvoeding

Bericht door Annikka-Ayla »

I can recommend you 'Vive le Vegan' by Dreena Burton. She knows a lot about it.
Her website is:
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Re: Babiesvoeding

Bericht door JesseL »

Als je borstvoeding geeft en zelf voldoende (ruim) B12 neemt dan is de kans erg groot dat er voldoende B12 in de moedermelk zal zitten. Zelf hebben wij nu een dochter van 4 weken en doen dat ook op deze manier. En onze dochter van 3 jaar heeft 2 jaar borstvoeding gekregen zonder enige supplementen. Alleen nam mijn vrouw dus zelf wel ruim o.a. B12 en omega 3. Onze dochter is erg gezond en nooit ziek. :D
Sinds ze geen borstvoeding meer krijgt, krijgt een een vegan kinder mulitvit van Solgar en zelf omega 3 druppels of capsules en af en toe een VEG1.
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Re: Babiesvoeding

Bericht door Fynnya »

Recommended amounts of B12:

"Age............US RDA(µg)....2 Doses per Day(µg)....Daily Dose(µg)....2 Doses per Week(µg)
0 - 5 mos.........0.4...............n/a.........................n/a..................n/a
6 - 11 mos........0.4...............0.4 - 1......................5 - 20...............200
1 - 3 yrs...........0.9...............0.8 - 1.5...................10 - 40..............375"

"Vegetarian Pregnancy and Children

A 1994 study measured the DHA levels in umbilical cords of 32 infants born to vegetarian mothers compared to omnivores (30). The analysis revealed no relationship between the proportions of DHA in plasma or cord artery phospholipids and the birthweight or head circumference of the infants.

In another studying comparing breast milk, cow's milk formula with DHA, soy formula with DHA, and soy formula without DHA, infants who ate soy formula without DHA had indications of slower parasympathetic development, though still within the normal range (87).

In his 2006 review article, anthropologist John H. Langdon argues that DHA is not an essential nutrient for the brain development of infants. Pregnant women efficiently convert ALA to DHA and fetuses and infants are able to receive DHA that is released from the mother's fat tissue and provided through the umbilical cord or breast milk. In cases of very low levels of DHA from the mother, infants can utilize other fatty acids for brain tissue which can later be replaced by DHA (32).

So it should come as no surprise that many children have been raised vegan without supplementing with DHA, or even extra ALA, and most of these children have developed well.

Despite this, I would encourage parents of vegetarian children to supplement their diets with DHA at 200 mg every 2 or 3 days until more is known about DHA in vegan infants."

A dietary guide for children of different ages (including babies): ... -children/

Some more information on vegan children's health: ... ldren.aspx

There are also some books available on vegan health, with some chapters on pregnancy, babies and children:
Becoming vegan: ... 314&sr=8-1
Vegan for life: ... eader-link
Feeding your vegan infant - with confidence: ... eh2r6474d5
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Re: Babiesvoeding

Bericht door Marla »

Ik heb deze aangeschaft: ... 0907337294

Ik zal eens kijken wat daar precies instaat over de vitamines, ik zal het vanavond laten weten.
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