We are weaned campaign

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We are weaned campaign

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Cow's milk is for calves: mammalian mothers - cattle, humans, sheep, whales, mice, lions, camels, etc., more than 5000 species - produce milk for their children. For millions of years children have been drinking their mother's milk. Ape children drink ape's milk, elephant children drink elephant's milk, jackal children drink jackal's milk, antelope children drink antelope's milk, duck-billed platypus children drink platypus' milk, bat children drink bat's milk, goat children drink goat's milk, human children drink human's milk. But some ten thousand years ago some adult humans started to drink milk, at that milk from other species. By mutations currently some ten percent of humankind are able to consume cow's milk without instantly suffering from digestive problems. This has fatal consequences: every year millions of cows have to become pregnant to stimulate their milk production, many thousand liters per year (one century ago it was, inspite of exploitation, "only" some hundreds of liters), they suffer from torture breeding and imprisonment, they are killed after few years, most of their calves already after a few months. It's similar for other species exploited for milk consumption by humans. More and more people realize that this is, like egg consumption etc., ethically inacceptable, and hence live vegan. With respect to milk they claim: "We are weaned."

If you live vegan and want to become part of this campaign and also say: "I am weaned", please send one or more portait photos with a resolution of at least 190 × 285 pixels, together with your name (optionally your city/country) by e-mail. (participants confirm by participation to live vegan, to be copyright owner of their photos, and grant Maqi the right to use the photos for this campaign.)

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